2017 Plano Race for the Cure Reward Winners

Below are the confirmed winners of Race fundraising incentives.  If you have questions about fundraising incentives, please email race@komennorthtexas.org or call our office at 972-378-4808.

Monthly Fundraising Incentives

Monthly fundraising incentive winners are based on the top three fundraising individuals during the given month.

1st Place Fundraiser 2nd Place Fundraiser 3rd Place Fundraiser
July Winner: TBA
Marriott Gift Certificate
Picasso’s Gift Certificate
The Dry Bar Certificate
Winner: TBA
Marriott Gift Certificate
The Dry Bar Certificate
Winner: TBA
Marriott Gift CertificatePicasso’s Gift Certificate
June Winner: Robin Bray
Grill & Grill Accessories
Provided by Target
Winner: Ann Swain
FitBit Blaze
Provided by Target
Winner: Allison Lee
Yoga for 2 Package
Provided by Manduka
May Winner: Helen Feldman
55″ LG TV
Provided by the Board of Directors
Winner: Carmen Brito
GoPro & Head Strap
Provided by Target
Winner: Ann Swain
Provided by Target
April Winner: Allison Lee
Rough Riders Suite
Provided by InTouch Credit Union
Winner: Imelda Hortaleza
Disneyland Tickets
Provided by Disney
Winner: Jennifer Dowell
Strikz Party
Provided by Strikz Entertainment
March Winner: Jessie Nair
KitchenAid Mixer
Provided by Belk
Winner: Juliana Giordano
Calphalon Pan Set
Provided by Belk
Winner: Linda Ager
Ninja Blender Set
Provided by Belk

Kendra Scott Challenge

Kendra Scott is giving a piece of rose quartz jewelry to the first 200 people to raise $250+ by Race day.  Winners can pick up their jewelry in the Kendra Scott tent on Race day.

  • Adams, Kathy
  • Ager, Linda
  • Alvarez, Staci
  • Ashmore, Sally
  • Balyta, Peter
  • Barta, Sarah
  • Basom, Abram
  • Beaty, Jennifer
  • Bray, Robin
  • Brickner, Lois
  • Brito, Carmen
  • Caesar, KaToya
  • Caldwell, Susan
  • Campbell, Kathleen
  • Clark, Jean
  • Cohen, Joanna
  • Davis, Marilyn
  • Diep, Ann
  • Dodson, Lisa
  • Domino, Mary
  • Dowell, Jennifer
  • Eberhard, Sabine
  • Edwards-Haynes, Joi
  • Endris, Miranda
  • Escobedo, Sonia
  • Faegre, Wendy
  • Feldman, Helen
  • Frick, Sherry
  • Frye, Denise
  • Gallagher, Timothy
  • Gelabert, Pedro
  • Giordano, Juliana
  • Halls, Judy
  • Hartgraves, Becky
  • Hendricks, Susan
  • Hoffmann, Wendy
  • Hortaleza, Imelda
  • Howard, Veronica
  • Hubert, Becky
  • Iles, Veronica
  • Jackson, Kelly
  • Jacobson, Jill
  • Johnson, David K
  • Joshua, Linda
  • Kerzner, Peggy
  • Koch, Julie
  • Kunkel, Jessica
  • Langley, Susan
  • Lee, Allison
  • Lindsey, Zachery
  • Maisel, Stacy
  • McCaskill, Sherry
  • McCormick, Kerry
  • McGinnis, Venus
  • Mendez, Luis
  • Mills, Richard
  • Mills, Raina
  • Mixdorf, Jane
  • Nair, Jessie
  • Narapareddi, Ramya
  • Neer, Karleigh
  • Neer, Nakina
  • Nguyen, Ana
  • Nisbett, Laura
  • Ober, Hollie
  • Obrist, Carolyn
  • Okerlund, John
  • Olson, Caitlin
  • Padilla, Lindsey
  • Parkinson, Connie
  • Pierce, Lindsey
  • Pierson, Lori
  • Potter, Holly
  • Roldan, Andrea
  • Shotwell, Ruth
  • Shupp, Daniel
  • Simpson, Joy
  • Sulser, Dianna
  • Swain, Ann
  • Thomas, Debbie
  • Tschoepe, Mandy
  • Turcios, Fernando
  • Van Haren, Julie
  • Velasquez, Janie
  • Vernon, Melissa
  • Waddilove, Kathy
  • Wagner, Sharon
  • Waller, Wilma
  • Wilkinson, Tracy
  • Williams, Rachel
  • Zaitz, Sarah
  • Zuttre, Alexandre


Survivor Tent

This year survivors have the opportunity to earn an additional wristband for a guest to enter the Survivor Tent (Survivors already receive one wristband for one registered guest with their packets, but this would be an additional wristband).  The first 100 survivors to raise $250 will receive an additional wristband.

  • Alvarez, Staci
  • Davis, Marilyn
  • Diep, Ann
  • Feldman, Helen
  • Hortaleza, Imelda
  • Kerzner, Peggy
  • Lee, Allison
  • Parkinson, Connie
  • Pierson, Lori
  • Tschoepe, Mandy
  • Van Haren, Julie

Team Incentives

Teams who raise $2500 or more by Wednesday, June 7th earn entry into our VIP Tent on Race day.

  1. b-united! We race in honor of Rosario Jacinto & Brenda Jones
  2. I PINK I Can
  3. Faith Wears Pink
  4. HCA Allstars
  5. Team Pepsico Parkwood
  6. TI – Analog
  7. TI – IT Services
  8. Kim’s Commandos
  9. TI – Finance & Operations
  10. TI – South Building/Kilby
  11. Quest for Holly
  12. Team PepsiCo – Frito Lay National Headquarters
  13. TI – EdTech Team
  14. SOS (Sisters of Shiloh)
  15. InTouch Credit Union
  16. TI – HR
  17. TI – SFAB
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